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Learn about the Brown bear and practice informative writing using this ‘Animal of the Week’ display and daily activity pack. This week features the BROWN BEAR.


Your students will love this simple display and activity pack exploring the Brown bear. From reading about this magnificent animal to labeling and tracing, creating their own mini-book, and more!


Each ‘Animal of the Week’ pack includes:

  • Display elements to create an ‘Animal of the Week’ display, with banners, headings and information about the BROWN BEAR.
  • Five activities (one for every day of the week) including writing craftivities, a fine-motor activity, and information sorting sheet.


How do I use this in my classroom?

  • As part of my informative writing units
  • In literacy centres
  • As our ongoing weekly ‘Animal of the Week’ theme – an high-interest, science and literacy-based activity that stduents love. I set up the display and add in books (fiction and non-fiction), plush toys and other items of interest. We then complete the activities as part of literacy rotations.


Please see the preview for everything that is included!


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