Learning Walls and Bump It Up Walls – How to implement them in your classroom


Learning Walls and Bump It Up Walls are effective tools to enhance teacher and student clarity, and to boost student achievement. They have been a game-changer for my teaching, and I hope they will be as successful for you too!


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Are you looking for help implementing Learning Walls and Bump IT Up Walls in your classroom?

Then you need to grab this resource! 

This teacher guide explains what Learning Walls and Bump It Up Walls are, and helps you to implement them in your classroom. It also includes a printable Learning Wall and Bump It Up Wall kit, so you can get started straight away.

Here’s what is included:

Workbook pages to help you set your own intentions and plan out your Learning and Bump It Up Walls

Learning Wall checklist 

How to set up your Learning Wall, ready for your learners

How to create your own Bump It Up Wall samples, from curriculum to your wall

Example teaching sequence using student goals and feedback

Student checklist guide and example

When and how to unpack the 5 questions

Advice, hints and tips

Headings to suit a range of Learning and Bump It Up Walls; 5 question posters, arrows in different sizes and shapes to help students make connections, numbers and display templates.


This resource would work for students of all ages!