Year 3 Bump It Up Wall Writing Exemplars – Bundle



Bump It Up Walls (also known as visual writing rubrics) are a fantastic way to make learning visible in your classroom and to track student learning. Visual writing rubrics are an effective tool that can boost student achievement, BUT they can be so time-consuming to write!


Save time and energy with these leveled text examples for Year Three.


Each genre includes 3-4 leveled examples of texts and annotations for each level so students know how to improve.


This bundle currently includes;

⭐ Grade 3 Narrative Bump It Up Wall | Visual Writing Rubric

⭐ Grade 3 Persuasive Letter Writing Bump It Up Wall | Visual Writing Rubric

⭐ Grade 3 Persuasive Writing Exemplars – Bump It Up Wall

⭐ Grade 3 Procedural Writing Exemplars – Bump It Up Wall (*NEW – September 2022)

⭐ Grade 3 Information Report Bump It Up Wall and Student Checklist


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Teachers like you said…


Nichole H. says, “This was one of the best resources I have found for writing. Not only did it get examples of different levels of writing, but really dove into how to bump up writing to a better level in kid-friendly language and engaging lessons. Highly recommend this resource!”