Sound Wall Bunting – Palm Leaf Tropical

Complement your Teachie Tings Sound Wall with this Palm Leaf ‘Sound Wall’ bunting FREEBIE!


This freebie includes a bunting that spells SOUND WALL and palm leaf images, perfect for complementing your TROPICAL/CALM CLASSROOM and your TEACHIE TINGS SOUND WALL.


Includes TWO FONTS – boho and bold.


Why use a SOUND WALL instead of a WORD WALL?


A sound wall is organised by sound, helping students to move from speech-print using phonemes (letter sounds), mouth formation(articulation), and recognition of common and uncommon graphemes (letter patterns).


A sound wall is a fantastic tool, easily differentiated for younger and older students. It aids in explicit and systematic phonic instruction, orthographic mapping, spelling and decoding, while also providing students with a working reference wall for reading and writing.


The Teachie Tings Sound Wall contains editable templates so you can add your own themes/images/words – you can also print on your own coloured paper to match your classroom decor….like palm leaves!

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