Christmas Door Display -Christmas Sweeties

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Christmas Door Display!


Create a festive Christmas atmosphere and send the rest of your school good tidings with this Christmas Sweeties Door display!


With straight lines that are quick to cut, you can have this display up in your lunch break!


Christmas Sweeties Door Display Includes:

✔Three cute sweetie characters to choose from: Gingerbread Man, Happy Pudding, Friendly Christmas Tree

✔Each character comes with a blank space for student name.

✔Each character comes 2x on one page; 4x on one page (increase and reduce your printer settings to get your preferred size!)

✔EDITABLE poster that is central to your display x 2 (child cooking image/Christmas tree image (B&W included also)

✔Ready-to-print option for teachers low on time (students can write in their own names)

✔EDITABLE file so you can add students names and edit the Christmas messages

✔Embedded fonts, so you can have the same look and feel as the print-ready file!