Bump It Up Wall Writing Bundle

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Bump up your teaching with this useful bundle of Bump It Up Wall Writing Resources!

This bundle will get you started with some bright and engaging displays and useful exemplars for age-appropriate writing. Based on the science of visible learning, Bump It Up Walls are a proven way to improve student achievement in the classroom.

What I LOVE about this bundle:

  • You get writing samples from Prep – Year 3. Each text type includes 3-4 leveled texts. They are benchmarked to the Australian Curriculum and are indicative of what an A, B, C & D level should represent. They are GREAT for beginning teachers, or even if you have changed a year level so that you have CLARITY over what a student should be able to do at each level.
  • Each writing sample is annotated with success criteria detailing WHY that sample is an A, B, C or D. This helps students know HOW to bump up to the next level! This is where the POWER of Bump It Up Walls lies. They help students know the distance between what they can do and what they are aiming for + HOW to get there.
  • SO many fun displays are included! From Construction to Ice-Cream, FAIRY TALE CASTLE, ROCKET SHIP, and quite a few more!


What you will get:

This bundle includes writing samples and displays to implement Bump It Up Walls in your classroom!

⭐ Bump It Up Wall Display – Construction Theme
⭐ Bump It Up Wall Ice Cream Theme
⭐ Bump It Up Wall with Reading Goals based on Literacy Continuum – Gumball theme
⭐ Bump It Up Wall – Cactus Cuties Display – use for any subject
⭐ Bump It Up Wall Display Fairy Tale – includes Fairytale Retell success criteria.
⭐ Fairy Tale Writing -Jack and the Beanstalk Bump It Up Wall
⭐ Bump It Up Wall – Little Scoops Ice-Cream Theme
⭐ Bump It Up Wall Display – Cactus Theme
⭐ Bump It Up Wall Rocket Theme
⭐ Bump It Up Wall – Student Goal Sheet – Freebie!

⭐ Prep/Foundation Retell Writing Exemplars
⭐ Prep/Foundation Text Response Writing Exemplars
⭐ Prep/Foundation New Event or Ending

⭐ Grade 1 Information Report Exemplars
⭐ Grade 1 Narrative Exemplars
⭐ Grade 1 Opinion – Persuasive Writing Exemplars
⭐ Grade 1 Procedural Writing Exemplars

⭐ Grade 2 Narrative Writing Exemplars
⭐ Grade 2 Information Report
⭐ Grade 2 Character Preference
⭐ Grade 2 Persuasive Writing
⭐ Grade 2 Poetry Writing
⭐ Grade 2 Procedure
⭐ Grade 2 Recount

⭐ Grade 3 Narrative
⭐ Grade 3 Information Report – Bump It Up Wall and Student Checklist
⭐ Grade 3 Persuasive Writing
⭐ Grade 3 Persuasive Letter Writing
⭐ Grade 3 Procedural Writing

⭐  Visual Writing Rubric | Bump It Up Wall for Beginner Writers

Each exemplar pack includes 3-4 levels of writing and annotations (success criteria) for each level + a STAR-themed BUMP IT UP WALL DISPLAY PACK!

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