About Teachie Tings

Created with busy teachers in mind.

Hey there, and welcome to Teachie Tings! We’re not your average website—we’re the ultimate online subscription for all you enthusiastic educators out there.

Our mission? To bring you a dynamic platform bursting with inspiration and ideas to take your teaching practices to the next level and save you time! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the teaching waters, Teachie Tings is your one-stop shop for valuable resources, practical tips, and activities that will rock your classroom. We firmly believe that teaching is more than just a profession; it’s a captivating calling that sparks the flame of knowledge in the hearts of young learners – but you can’t do it all on your own!

Get ready to unleash your inner teaching superstar with Teachie Tings—let’s make some unforgettable Tings happen!

About Teachie Tings
About Teachie Tings

Hey there!

I’m Ana, a seasoned educator with 14 years of experience under my belt, and creator of Teachie Tings. When it comes to teaching, I’ve honed my skills and developed a knack for creating engaging and impactful learning experiences. With a passion for empowering students and a dedication to continuous growth, I have worked hard to make a positive difference in the lives of those I teach, and now I want to support you to do the same! From my years of experience, I know how overwhelming teaching can be, so I’m here to share my secrets, strategies, and resources to help you thrive in and out of the classroom. So, join me on this educational journey, and together, let’s unlock the full potential of every student.