‘I Can’ Castle for Prep/Foundation – Student Goal Mat for Writing and Reading

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Get creative with your student goal setting with the ‘I Can’ Castle goal mat!

This goal mat:

is fun to create and use – students colour in the success criteria as they are achieved.
gives students privacy over their achievements,
clearly outlines the success criteria that students are working towards in Writing and Reading.
is NOT genre specific, so it can be used throughout the year
Aligned with the Australian Curriculum – Prep/Foundation
full colour, and black & white printing options
The ‘I Can’ Castle can be used individually, or enlarged as a class display.

Each learning area includes two different castles, each working towards different success criteria. When students achieve one castle, they can move onto the other, OR you can create your own master copy by choosing relevant success criteria to cut and paste onto the castle template.

Add some excitement to goal setting in your classroom today!