Nouns and Verbs Board Game – Piggy’s Pen Dash

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GradeYear 1, Year 2
Learning AreaEnglish
Writing MechanicsParts of Speech


Are you looking for a fund nouns and verbs game? Piggy’s Pen Dash is it!

Based on traditional ‘snakes and ladders’ students will move around the board, with the aim of getting Piggy back to the pig pen.

On the way, students may land on a picture. They then need to use the recording sheet to write the picture word, and decide if it is a noun or a verb.

When students land on a ladder, they move up, when the land on a muddy puddle, they move down.

This resource includes:

  • Colour and black and white versions
  • Recording sheets (3:1 page)
  • Teacher instructions.