Wonder Book and Movie Comparison | Year 5 Bump It Up Wall Exemplars

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Set your students up for success with our Wonder Book and Movie Comparison exemplars. Perfect for Bump It Up Walls and Learning Walls, these levelled examples (A-D) show students exactly what they need to do to improve their writing.

Each exemplar includes ‘I can’ success criteria/annotations, so that students can clearly see which criteria determine an A, B, C & D level of writing.

Perfect for helping students to identify what they need to do to ‘bump up’ their writing!


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Wonder Book and Movie Comparison Writing Exemplars.
  • Four different texts are included (Year 5, Australian Curriculum, Grades A-D).
  • Matching success criteria for each levelled text, covering text structure, language features and grammar and punctuation.

You can also use this resource as a teaching and learning activity:

  1. Close reading
  2. Deconstruction of text
  3. Text and language feature identification
  4. Reading comprehension

You can also use as a display:

  • Learning Walls
  • Bump It Up Walls

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