Year 4 Bump It Up Wall Writing Samples



This Year 4 bundle of levelled writing samples includes narrative writing, information report and procedure writing samples.


SAVE TIME with this resource! Don’t wate your time writing your own samples!


You will get differentiated writing samples and displays, including annotations describing the elements of each level, including language features, text structure, grammar and punctuation.


Here’s what is included:

This bundle includes writing samples and displays for a Year 4 classroom.

✔3 levelled Bump It Up Wall writing samples and annotations – see below for individual inclusions.

✔ Simple design of writing samples to suit all learners, including those easily overwhelmed by busy displays




This resource would work for Year 4



Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:


✿ learning walls

✿ bump it up walls

✿ strong and weak samples/ WAGOLL

✿ deconstructing texts

✿ co-constructing success criteria using levelled samples

✿ modelling how to ‘bump it up’ and STUDENT GOAL-SETTING

✿ match the annotations to the criteria

✿ colour-code samples to highlight language features and structure

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