Year 5 Daily Maths Review Set Two

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GradeYear 5
Learning AreaMathematics
Type of ResourceDaily Maths Slides, PowerPoint
Australian Curriculum CodesAC9M5A01, AC9M5A02, AC9M5M01, AC9M5M02, AC9M5M04, AC9M5N01, AC9M5N02, AC9M5N03, AC9M5N05, AC9M5N06, AC9M5P01, AC9M5P02, AC9M5SP01, AC9M5SP02, AC9M5SP03
NumberAddition, Coordinates, Decimals, Division, Fractions, Money, Multiplication, Number Lines, Partitioning, Percentages, Place Value, Products & Factors
AlgebraInverse Operations, Multiplication & Division Facts, Unknown Quantities
Measurement24-Hour Time, Angles, Area, Metric Units, Perimeter
Space3D Shapes, Grid References, Mapping, Objects & their Nets, Translations, Reflections & Rotations
StatisticsCategorical Variables, Interpret Data, Numerical Data
ProbabilityProbability of Events


Make reviewing Australian Curriculum Year 5 Maths fun with these engaging review and warm-up activities! This set (SET 2) includes 50 Year 5 daily maths practise slides perfect for reviewing the concepts covered in Year Five maths.


You’ll get ten weeks of maths review slides covering grade 5 number, algebra, measurement, space, statistics, and probability. Each day is a mix of grade 5 computation practise and other skills.


Super easy to set up and use, these slides are perfect for daily practise and revision, maths warm-ups, maths groups or substitute days, too!


Here’s what you’ll get:



  • PowerPoint presentation, ready to use.
  • 50 daily maths slides (TEN WEEKS!) – full colour and ready to use – no entering your own numbers, just display and go!
  • Tips on how to implement these in your classroom.


Your students will love the easy format and predictability of your new maths warm-up/ review routine. Each day begins with number and place value, reinforcing the basics and then moving into the application of those concepts and other strands of maths.


You will cover the concepts covered in the Year FIVE Australian Maths Curriculum including:

  1. Number and Algebra

Place value, identifying multiples, factors, rounding to 10, 100 & 1000, addition and subtraction round and estimate, adding on number line, split strategy, partitioning, compensation, vertical addition, subtraction and multiplication, multiply by 10, 100, 1000, short division, order fractions, decimals and percentages on a number line, short division with remainders, compare and order fractions, add fractions with the same denominator, subtract fractions with the same denominator, represent percentages, add decimals, number patters, finding unknown quantities, financial transactions.


2. Measurement and Geometry

Perimeter of rectangles, area of regular and composite shapes, convert between common units of measurement, 12 and 24-hour time, lines of symmetry, rotational symmetry, 3D objects, grid reference systems, describing routes using landmarks and directional language, translations, reflections and rotations, enlargement of 2D shapes, angles, calculate volume using unit cubes, calculate volume using a formula, capacity, and mass.



3. Statistics and Probability

Represent probability of outcomes, recognise that probability ranges from 0-1, represent probabilities as fractions, collect numerical data, describe and interpret data


This is SET TWO

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