Alphabet and Phonics Letter Book

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Learn beginning sounds and letter formation with this cute letter book!


Each page of the letter book has a large phonics-filled picture letter to color, letter tracing and stroke direction/order.


What’s included?

  • A-Z letters: one page per letter.
  • complete alphabet (dotted with and without arrows) on one page
  • bonus cutting lines for fine-motor practise
  • Mini posters: Colour phonics-filled letters (A-Z)
  • All pages use a primary font suitable for elementary students


What’s in the letters?

Each letter shape includes pictures that begin with that letter. The initial sound of each picture is the sound that the letter makes! (e.g /h/ for house)

Help your students to say each picture word, as well as the initial sound.


Different ways you can use this resource:

  • You can print and colour individual pages
  • Create books for students to keep for handwriting practice or as a fast-finisher activity
  • You can laminate for use with whiteboard markers
  • You can colour and cut out the letters to display
  • Display the mini-posters




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