Letter Sounds Phonics Card Game

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Are you looking for a fun way to practise letter sound recognition and articulation in your classroom?

Your students will love playing this fun card game!

Here’s what is included:

A set of playing cards including numbered cards (containing the phonemes) as well as skip, reverse, draw two, draw four and wild cards.

Each numbered card includes a picture and the picture word with a highlighted grapheme. The cards cover all 44 phonemes and 91 graphemes.

  • Consonant Sounds: /b/,/d/,/f/,/g/,/h/,/j/,/k/,/l/,/m/,/n/,/p/,/r/,/s/,/t/,/v/,/w/,/y/,/z/,/zh/
  • Consonant digraphs: /sh/, /ch/, /ng/, /th/
  • Short vowel sounds: /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, /u/, /oo/
  • Long vowel sounds: /āi/, /ē/, /ī/, /ō/, /y/ōō/, /ōō/, /oi/, /ow/, /ə/
  • R controlled vowels: /ã/, /ä/, /û/, /ô/, /ē/ə/, /ü/ə/, /i/ə/, /ōō/ə/, /ow/ə/
  • Tricky graphemes: cat, city, fox, exam, queen, bouquet

You can differentiate and use in your systematic phonics program by slowly introducing phonemes and graphemes. Cards are in a progression, so you can print like-cards (e.g. consonant sounds) together, along with other game cards. A smaller amount of cards is easier for small hands, so choosing targeted sounds is ideal.


The game is easy to play and students simply announce the phoneme, sound out and blend the word when they play each card. It’s perfect for little learners, and a great consolidation of phonemes in older grades.


Prep once – play forever!



This resource would work for students who are have learned all 44 phonemes and need consolidation and repetition



Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:


✿ free choice activity

✿ literacy rotation activity

✿ phonics consolidation

✿ wet weather game


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