Bump It Up Wall Display – Cacti/Succulent Theme

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Are you looking for an effective teaching and learning tool to help your students know how to IMPROVE?


Bump It Up Wall Displays are for you!


Create a display that shows students how they can ‘bump up’ their level of achievement and gets them excited about learning.


Here’s what is included:

Bump It Up Wall Display – Cactus

Display Kit Includes:

Cacti images for each level (D-A)

Numbers for each level (1-4)

Arrows in all colours

Cactus name labels

Plain labels in all colours

Rectangle labels in all colours

Bunting letters (WATCH US BLOOM)

Level labels (cactus theme and GOOD, GREAT, AMAZING, WOW!)

Banner and posters!


Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:


✿ include in your learning walls

✿ use for different subjects or skill areas

✿ bump up any area you would like your students to improve; handwriting, friendship, spelling


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