Fairy Tale Writing Posters | Fairy Tale Structure



Make teaching fairy tale and narrative structure a breeze with these fairy tale writing posters that break the structure into simple parts!  Each poster includes a sentence starter and writing tips to help students to include each part of the fairy tale narrative structure.


Your students will be supported to write well-structured fairy tales. Students will love referring to this display during writing time. This display includes elements such as orientation, complication, solution, and resolution, with classic fairy tale sentence starters.


This fairy tale writing resource includes:

  • Printable display in two different font styles (KG Blank Space Solid/Primary Font & QLD Beginners)
  • Seven posters per display
  • Sentence starters for each story part.
  • The final poster includes a simple writing checklist so students can practice editing and self-assessment,


Your students will love using this anchor chart in their classroom, guiding them in their fairy tale writing. They’ll be out of their seats, checking their writing against the display and improving their fairy tale writing!


This is a flexible resource that you could reuse for different purposes – narrative, retell, oral language – whatever you choose!


Prep is quick and easy… Just print your preferred pages,  and you’re ready for a fun and engaging writing display!

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