Visible Learning

Visible Learning is the process of making learning intent clear for both teachers and students, through clear learning goals, success criteria, and a feedback/goal-setting cycle. The use of Learning Walls, Worked Examples (or levelled work samples), and Bump It Up Wall displays are all central to the visible learning approach.

It is an approach that we are passionate about at Teachie Tings, and you can find a range of blog posts and time-saving resources below.

Need help implementing a visible learning approach in your classroom?

My teacher guidebook introduces the use of Learning and Bump It Up Walls in the classroom, including how to write your own leveled texts. It details a feedback/goal-setting cycle, including how to use self and peer feedback. This is the perfect guidebook to help teachers and staff understand the approach, and it also includes a display kit featuring the essential elements of a functional Learning Wall, suitable for students of all ages.