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Year 4 Bump It Up Wall Information Report


Bump It Up Walls are a fantastic way to make learning visible in your classroom and to track student learning.

Writing your own samples can be really time consuming! Save time with these A-D information report writing samples, with annotations aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Show your students HOW to improve their work by deconstructing each text, and then use the annotations to guide them to the next level.

The topic of this sample is Lake Mungo in New South Wales. It covers Aboriginal Perspectives (sacred sites), and has links to Science (erosion and archeology).

This sample also has two D samples – one with scaffolded headings, and one without (no paragraphs).

Two fonts included: QLD Beginners and KinderPeeps. I am happy to add additional Australian school fonts by request.

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Bump It Up Wall Information Report
Year 4 Bump It Up Wall Information Report