Information Report Learning Wall Toolkit – Year 3

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GradeYear 3
Visible LearningLearning Wall Displays
Text TypesInformative Writing


Learning Walls and Bump It Up Walls are a fantastic way to make learning visible in your classroom and to track student learning.

Writing your own ‘bump it up’ samples and creating your own Learning Wall headings can be really time consuming! Save time with this toolkit of resources!

What’s included:

  • Six-week teaching sequence including formative check-in tasks, with a Learning Wall focus.
  • A-D Information Report writing samples (Saltwater Crocodile), with annotations aligned with the Australian Curriculum.
  • An ‘I Can statement’ student/peer/teacher checklist
  • 70+ page Learning Wall kit with Information Report specific headings

Show your students HOW to improve their work by deconstructing each text, and then use the annotations to guide them to the next level.

Provide feedback on student writing using the checklist – a powerful tool to show students exactly what they need to do to improve. Then help them to set goals and improve from week to week!

You will effectively teach Information Report structure and features, while using a Learning Wall AND using student/peer feedback and goal-setting. The plan also leaves room to address your students’ learning needs and add your own lessons.

Available in these grades:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4