Sound Wall with Mouth Pictures Boho Rainbow Theme

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Are you looking to boost your students’ achievement in phonics? Implement a SOUND WALL with mouth pictures in your classroom!

What is a Sound Wall?

A sound wall is organised by sound, helping students to move from speech-print using phonemes (letter sounds), mouth formation (articulation), and recognition of common and uncommon graphemes (letter patterns).


A sound wall is a fantastic tool, easily differentiated for younger and older students. It aids in explicit and systematic phonic instruction, orthographic mapping, spelling and decoding, while also providing students with a working reference wall for reading and writing.


This SOUND WALL includes 47 sounds and is in a BOHO RAINBOW theme.



Sound Wall Includes:

✔47 posters in boho rainbow theme

✔Each poster includes: a boho rainbow, phoneme and 3-4 words containing the most common graphemes

✔ An additional set of posters that include extended graphemes

✔EDITABLE phoneme posters so you can add your own words!

✔’Sound Wall’ Circular Heading for your display + full set of headers for a comprehensive sound wall

✔ Print more than one to a page to reduce size for mini-posters and flashcards

✔ Lock images in different styles


Phonemes Included:

✿Consonants /p/ /t/ /k/ /b/ /d/ /g/ /j/ /f/ /s/ /v/ /z/ /h/ /y/ /w/ /l/ /r/ /m/ /n/

/k//w/ /k//x/

✿Short Vowels

✿Long Vowels

✿Consonant Digraphs /th/ voiced and unvoiced, /ng/ /sh/ /ch/ /wh/ with breath /zh/


✿Vowel Dipthongs /oi/ /ou/

✿Vowel Sounds Influenced by ‘R’ /ur/ /a(r)/ /ā(r)/ /o(r)/




This resource would work for students of all ages!



Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:


✿ include alongside your learning walls – use singular phonemes within your learning walls

✿ use in conjunction with vocabulary walls and morphemic spelling walls

✿ print small to create flashcards focused on phonemes