Mini Beasts Bump It Up Wall

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Mini Beasts Bump It up Wall including ‘Bug-catching Jars’ for success criteria!


Create a fun MINI BEASTS display that shows students how they can ‘bump up’ their level of achievement and gets them excited about learning.


This resource also includes a fun ‘Bug-catching’ element. Six success criteria❤ are chosen to be achieved, with students collecting a bug each time they achieve the criteria. Students will have fun filling their jars.


Here’s what is included:

Bump It Up Wall Display – Mini Beasts


❤Bright mini-beast images for each level (snail, worm, dragonfly, butterfly, ladybug, bee)

❤Signs including numbers and words for each level (1-4)

❤Bunting letters (MINI BEASTS; BUMP IT UP)

❤Learning Intention and Success Criteria posters

❤Posters for each level to detail Success Criteria of your writing samples (not included).

❤Bug-catching jar templates (B&W and Colour). Each template includes one jar and six different bugs (one page per student)

❤Six different Success Criteria templates including a bug (six bugs in total). These are EDITABLE so you can edit or add your own success criteria statements. Embedded fonts for consistency; or use your own.


This file comes as a zip file and includes a PDF and PowerPoint files.