The Benefits of Daily Maths Review

Benefits of Daily Maths Review

Mathematics is often viewed as one of the most challenging subjects in school. However, it’s also one of the most fundamental skills students need to succeed in various aspects of life. To truly master mathematics, students must adopt a consistent and structured approach. One highly effective strategy is the practice of daily maths review. In…

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How to Build Confidence with Number Talks


Number talks are a powerful instructional strategy that can help build student confidence in mathematics. Here’s how: Encourage Risk-Taking: Number talks create a safe environment where students can share their thinking and ideas without fear of judgment or criticism. This encourages students to take risks and participate in class, which can boost their confidence in…

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How to Differentiate Mathematics Instruction when using Daily Maths Slides

How to differentiate daily maths slides

One of the greatest work/life-balance hacks that I have added to my teaching is daily maths revision slides. These slides have meant that no matter what, my students have had curriculum-relevant work to complete helping them to achieve their learning goals. They’re no-prep– just display the daily slide on the smartboard and teach students a…

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