How to add a sticker book to Seesaw

how to add a sticker book to seesaw

Digital stickers are so much fun – but how do you keep them?

The old fashioned way, with a digital twist – in a digital STICKER BOOK!

How to use in Seesaw:

  1. Create a folder named ‘STICKER BOOK’

digital sticker book seesaw

2. Upload a sticker book PNG image to your library (click on the big GREEN + sign and Assign Activity)

3. Assign to your class and put into the ‘STICKER BOOK’ folder, with instructions for your students to personalise their sticker book by adding their name.


4. It will show in your students’ ACTIVITIES when they log in.

5. Important: Once students have opened and SAVED their sticker book it will appear for you to approve.

6. Now, as other work is approved, you can add a sticker to individual student’s sticker books. edit by clicking on the three dots, add a digital sticker, and save.

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