Aboriginal Astronomy Wurdi Youang, and Bush Sundials

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Are you looking to teach your students about Aboriginal Astronomy, including Dreamtime stories and an ancient Aboriginal astronomy site?


This resource is for you!


Your students will explore Aboriginal Astronomy through the sacred site, Wurdi Youang, , have an opportunity to write their own Dreamtime story to explain what they see in the sky, and build their own bush sundial, making links to Science – materials and astronomy.

Wurdi Youang is a fascinating site that has been determined to be older than Stonehenge. Mysterious stones are aligned with the sun – is this a large sundial? Your students will love learning about this special place.

Here’s what is included:


✔Introduction to Aboriginal people as the world’s first astronomers, and writing prompt “Write your own ‘Dreamtime’ story” about the sun, moon and stars. (Three differentiated texts).

✔’Wurdi Youang’ sacred site information text (Three differentiated texts)

✔ Sundial information text and student response

✔ Recording sheet – sun and shadows

✔ Imagine/Propose how Aboriginal people may have made sundials

✔KWL ideas page with space for drawing and writing

✔Design a sundial

✔Sundial template based on a clockface



This resource would work for grade 3 & 4!



Here are some possible uses for your classroom:


✿ learning walls

✿ Commemorations and celebrations of culture


✿Aboriginal astronomy Wurdi Youang

✿Aboriginal sacred sites

✿ deconstructing texts – differentiated texts are perfect for reading comprehension. Save time by using  these cross-curricular texts

✿ STEM challenges – can you design a sundial? Can you improve on the design included in this resource?

✿ colour-code samples to highlight language features and structure