Cupcake Bump It Up Wall Display

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Introducing our “Cupcake Bump It Up Wall Display” – a delightful addition to any classroom or learning space! Our Cupcake Bump It Up Wall is designed to not only enhance your décor but also elevate your teaching environment.

This charming Cupcake Bump It Up Wall Display is perfect for educators seeking an engaging and interactive way to track progress and showcase achievements. With its cheerful cupcake theme, it adds a touch of sweetness to your classroom while motivating students to reach for their goals.

Key Features of our Cupcake Bump It Up Wall:
– Cupcake-themed design that appeals to students of all ages.
– Easy-to-use and customisable display for tracking achievements, goals, or class progress.
– Encourages a positive learning atmosphere and a sense of accomplishment.

Our Cupcake Bump It Up Wall Display is not only visually appealing but also functional, making it an ideal choice for teachers, educators, and parents alike. It’s time to “bump up” your teaching game with our Cupcake Bump It Up Wall.

Display Kit Includes:

Cupcake images for each level (D-A)

Levelled themed display papers in portrait and landscape

Numbers for each level (1-4) in different colours

Arrows in different colours

Sprinkle labels in different colours

Rectangle labels in different colours

Bunting letters (SWEET TREATS! Or SWEET WORK!)

Level labels (GOOD, GREAT, AMAZING, WOW! + fun theme options + EDITABLE to add your own!

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