Christmas Tree Name Craft

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Create cute student name displays using these Christmas tree name craft templates!


They are a festive craft option that look great printed in black and white, and then decorated; or printed on colored paper.


You have the option of creating Christmas trees with student names, or a more simple low-prep/low-paper design with the words ‘JOY’ or ‘JOLLY’


This resource includes:

  • Instructions for printing and constructing.
  • Simple tree template (3 parts) + decorated tree parts
  • Alphabet letters with easy-to-cut dotted outline and page of high frequency letters to keep printing to a minimum.
  • Low-prep/low-paper option that spells ‘JOY’ or ‘JOLLY’. For example, for a class of 30 students, you would need 15 pages to print the trees, and an additional 3 pages to print the letters (JOY and JOLLY have their own pages). 18 pages in total for this craft!
  • For student name trees, a link is included where you can find out the letter frequency of your student names to calculate how many of each page you need. The names are more time-consuming to prep, and take more paper.


You are only limited by your imagination – with a full suite of letters you could create displays for student names, high-frequency words, word gamily groups etc.