Daily Maths Slides for Prep – Set 3

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Learning AreaMathematics
Type of ResourceDaily Maths Slides, PowerPoint
NumberAddition, Counting Small Collections, Doubling Numbers, Friends of Ten, More/Less, Name, represent & order numbers, Number Formation, Number Lines, Numbers to 10, Numbers to 15, Numbers to 20, Ordinal Numbers, Ten Frames
MeasurementComparing by Size, Time- O'Clock
AlgebraSharing, Skip Counting
StatisticsInterpret Data, Tick Charts


Introducing Daily Maths Slides for Prep Set 3, the perfect tool for daily mathematics practice that is suitable for maths warm-ups and more. With four different slides rotating through different concepts each day, your students will get varied and comprehensive maths practice.

These slides are designed to be used together as a class, with activities that require a dice for added engagement. Display the slides on your board so that every child can see, and work together as a class to debug the maths as you go. These are teachable moments that will help your students develop a deeper understanding of maths concepts.

Some slides even have moveable images, indicated by the hand picture, for added interactivity and engagement. This will help your students stay focused and interested in their daily maths practice.

The Daily Maths Slides for Prep cover a wide range of important maths concepts including:

  • Recognising numbers to 20
  • Comparing by size
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Addition – number line, ten frames
  • Doubles
  • More/Less
  • Counting small collections
  • Sharing
  • Friends of 10
  • Interpreting tick charts
  • Skip counting by 5, 10 & 2
  • Time (O’Clock)
  • Formation of Numbers

With Daily Maths Slides for Prep, you can ensure that your students get the daily maths practice they need to develop their maths skills and build a strong foundation for future learning. Try them out today and see the difference in your students’ maths abilities.