Design a Playground Project Year 1 Australian Curriculum V9

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GradeYear 1
MeasurementInformal Units
SciencePhysical Sciences
StatisticsCollect Data, Numerical Data, Tick Charts


Are you looking for a fun design a playground project for Year 1? This cross-curricular ‘Design a Playground’ PBL covers different topics from English, Maths, Science and HASS.


You will get:

  • A student booklet (printable/ Google Slides with text boxes) including student checklist and teacher answers.
  • A teacher planner which includes 10 cross-curricular activities, teaching tips, Learning Intention and Success Criteria posters, a ‘Playground Inspector’ crown for students to wear.


Your students will love inspecting their school playground (with their Playground Inspector headbands!) and completing a range of tasks including:


  • Measuring the playground using informal units
  • Identifying push and pull forces in the playground
  • Surveying their classmates to see which pieces of playground equipment are the most popular
  • Displaying the results of their survey in a graph
  • Expressing their preferences in the playground
  • Identifying natural, managed and constructed features
  • Choosing their playground equipment and totalling the cost
  • Design a playground using their classmates preferences and purchased equipment.
  • Identify who cares for our school playground and how we can care for our playgrounds
  • Give directions for other students to move from one place to another within their playground design
  • Writing a letter to the principal regarding the school playground and making a suggestion for a change.


This PBL aligns with the Australian Curriculum V9 for Year 1, but is relevant learning for Grade 1 students in many different settings.


You may like to use this PBL as:

  • A fun project to span a term and integrate across curriculum
  • A term-long homework project
  • A fast finishers’ project


This PBL is ready to print and go! Save time planning and begin this fun project today!