Earth Day Encoding and Decoding Activity | Color By Code Phonics

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Make celebrating Earth Day and teaching phonics fun with these engaging, color by code activities! This Earth Day set includes 6 no-prep color by code phonics activities perfect for exploring and consolidating encoding and decoding skills using SATPIN sounds. Quick and easy setup plus clear student directions make these activities perfect for centers or substitute days, too!

Aligned with the Science of Reading and perfect for students who are learning to read and write SATPIN phonics patterns, each Earth Day color by code worksheet includes decodable words, and builds on student learning.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 6 color by code phonics activities perfect for centers or stations. Each image is Earth Day themed.
  • Teaching notes

Sequence used in the color by code activities:

  • s a t p i n

Both ‘color’ and ‘colour’ spellings are included.

✅ Kindergarten (Print Concepts, Phonological Awareness (Phonics and Word Recognition)

  • Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes).
  • Blend and segment onsets and rimes of single-syllable spoken words.
  • Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary sound or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant.
  • Associate the long and short sounds with the common spellings (graphemes) for the five major vowels.

⭐ Who might this help?

· Teachers using systematic reading programs like Jolly Phonics, UFLI, Heggerty Phonics, and Letterland.

Prep is quick and easy… Just print the student pages, gather the materials listed, and you’re ready for a fun and engaging class!

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