Endeavour Escape Room | Year 4 HASS Captain Cook

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Make teaching Year 4 HASS fun with this engaging, hands-on Endeavour Escape Room! Based on the latest findings about the location of the Endeavour, this learning activity includes reading passages, fun facts, riddles and puzzles to decode.


It is perfect for developing close reading, critical thinking skills, problem solving and more! With  decoders and a final challenge, students will help  to solve the mystery of the final resting place of Captain Cook’s ship, the Endeavour.

Students will love exploring history through these fun activities, and won’t even realise how much they’re learning!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Teacher instructions and quick-start guide
  • Student mission and Crack the Code answer sheet
  • 4 clue sheets which include a fun fact, reading passage, question/riddle, and cipher.
  • 4 decoders to help students crack the ciphers
  • Final challenge word search
  • Answer keys

Your students will love learning about this slice of history and the recent developments that have been made in identifying the Endeavour’s final resting place.. They’ll be out of their seats, engaged in problem solving, and discussing the topic with their peers.

Prep is quick and easy… Just print the student pages, print the clues and decoders,, and you’re ready for a fun and engaging class!

The ciphers included are:

  1. Emoji Cryptogram
  2. Polybius Square
  3. PigPen Cipher
  4. Morse Code

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