Fairy Tale Fact File and Writing Papers

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Learning AreaEnglish
TopicsFairy Tales
Text TypesFairy Tales


Are your students ready to unleash their inner fairy tale writers and illustrators? Introducing the Fairy Tale Fact File, the ultimate tool to help your students create their very own enchanting stories!

With dedicated sections for characters, setting, problem and complication, beginning, middle, and end, this fact file is like a magic wand that will help students organize their ideas and weave a tale that will leave readers spellbound! And the best part? There’s plenty of space for students to add their own illustrations and make their stories come alive with color and whimsy!

Whether your students want to write about brave knights and fierce dragons, beautiful princesses, magical creatures, or anything their heart desires, the Fairy Tale Fact File is your trusty sidekick on their journey to becoming master storytellers. It’s perfect for school projects, creative writing classes, or just for fun!

So, let your imagination soar and get ready to create your own happily ever after with the Fairy Tale Fact File!

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