Fluency Partner Reading – Useful Word Strip Paper

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Are you implementing fluency partner reading in your classroom?

This collection of fluency reading word strip paper is for you.

Each sheet comes with a pair of word strips, with matching animal friends – Fluency Friends!

How do they work?

  1. Pair up your similar-ability students for fluency reading
  2. Each student receives a strip and writes out their decodable words (based on phonemic groups)
  3. Prior to reading, students read through the word lists, taking turns.

Here’s what is included:

Fluency Friends – Fluency Partner Reading Word Strips

Word strips: Year 1 lines with cat guide (five animals); Year 1 lines without cat guide (five animals); Year 2 lines (five animals); all in colour or blackline.

Posters for students explaining how to read the word strips during fluency reading; Fluency Reading instructions (for daily reading – choose your own time duration)


This resource would work for Prep-2



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