Hamster Time! Time cards and Games

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Learning AreaMathematics
MeasurementAnalogue and Digital Time
GradeYear 2, Year 3
Type of ResourceGames


HAMSTER TIME! Time Cards and Games  

Time-matching cards with a Hamster twist!

Get your students excited about time, with these fun time-matching cards.

They can learn to recognise o’clock, half-past, quarter-to and quarter-past times on analogue and digital clocks, and word form.

Use as a maths centre matching activity (pairs or trios), or play familiar games Go Fish and Memory with a cute Hamster twist!

Keep on your fast-finisher shelf throughout the year to consolidate!

Differentiate by choosing cards according to student ability – just starting to learn to tell the time? Use ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’ cards only in activities and games. Combine all cards and times to challenge your more confident students.

Comes in colour or in black and white for printing on brights!