Nature Journal for Children

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Take your child outside and into nature with nature journaling!

Your child will love exploring the outdoors – even if it’s just your backyard!

Why nature journal?

It’s fun and relaxing!

It calms your mind

It increases your attention to detail

Why should children nature journal?

All of the reasons above! Plus it helps them to identify and appreciate flora and fauna in their environment, and improves their ability to observe, draw and write.

There are so many fantastic reasons why children will love nature journaling, and it has so many benefits!

This nature journal for children includes 16 double pages of prompts – combine as many or few pages as you like. Each page includes gorgeous nature-themed doodles that your child will love to colour.

Includes 32 prompts and templates:

– scavenger hunt

– contour drawing space

– ‘I wonder…’ page

– Senses page

– ‘Today is…’ page

– drawing frames

– blank journaling pages

Print double-sided and flip on the short edge to create a notebook OR do what I do and print on one side and glue individual pages together to make a thicker notebook – Anastasia

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