Reading Comprehension Posters – Sun Characters

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Learning AreaEnglish
Reading SkillsComprehension
Reading ComprehensionCause & Effect, Compare & Contrast, Conclusions, Fact & Opinion, Generalisations, Inference, Main Idea & Details, Sequence of Events, Summarise


Introducing our comprehensive Reading Comprehension Posters, designed to help students master reading comprehension strategies. Each poster is crafted to include a clear heading, learning intention, sun character with icon, and visual aids that make learning engaging and fun.

With these posters, students will learn to make connections between texts and their own experiences, predict what might happen next, ask questions to deepen their understanding, monitor their comprehension as they read, visualize the text to aid comprehension, summarise key points, and infer meaning from the text.

Our posters come in both UK and USA spelling options and are available in full color or black and white, giving you the flexibility to choose the design that best fits your classroom environment.