Reading Skills Tracker

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Reading SkillsComprehension, Decoding, Fluency
FluencyAppropriate Rate, Expression, Independent Reading, Inflection, Phrasing, Punctuation, Self-Correction
Listening ComprehensionPredicting, Real Life Connections, Retell, Who, What, When, Where, How
Reading ComprehensionCause & Effect, Character Traits, Compare & Contrast, Conclusions, Draw Conclusions, Fact & Opinion, Generalisations, Inference, Main Idea & Details, Sequence of Events, Summarise


This handy one-page reading skills tracker will help you to keep track of your students’ reading skills. Great as a personal Bump It Up Wall, or just for student-teacher conferences, this tracker will help you to track and monitor your students progress in reading, and inform which skills they need to focus on next.

Use this tracker in conjunction with our classroom Reading Skills Bump It Up Wall, and give you and your students the clarity you need to achieve lofty goals!

Find the Reading Skills Bump It Up Wall here


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