Short Vowel Decodable Readers | Easy-to-prep one-page mini books!

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FluencyIndependent Reading
PhonicsCVC, Decodable Texts, High-Frequency Words, Short Vowels, Word Families
Learning AreaEnglish
Australian Curriculum CodesAC9E1LY14, AC9EFLY14
Type of ResourcePrintable


Are you looking for low-paper, low-prep short vowle decodable readers? These decodable readers use just one piece of paper each and are easy to put together. You’ll get 23 short vowel decodable readers that focus on the short vowel sounds.


These decodable readers will help your students develop decoding and blending skills, phonics skills, HFW knowledge, vocabulary, and fluency.


Your students will love these adorable decodable reader mini-books, the cute characters, and the helpful pre-reading vocabulary lists included.


What’s included:

  • 23 decodable readers. Each reader includes a title page, six pages of reading, and a pre-reading vocabulary list on the back cover, so students can get ready to read.
  • Each reader is printable on one, one-sided piece of paper.
  • Each reader is in printer-friendly black and white – they look great when colored or printed on bright paper! Or students can color their own reader! Fun!
  • Instructions for putting the mini-book readers together. These instructions include a few simple folds and one scissor cut. Each book takes less than 30 seconds to put together! You can literally prep these in your spare!


Short Vowel Decodable Readers for the following are included:



The Cat – (at)

The Cap – (ap)

The Man – (an)

The Lad – (ad)

The Hag – (ag)

The Ram – (am)

I Can Jab – (ab)

Ned and Ted – (ed)

Jen the Hen – (en)

The Vet – (et)

The Kid – (id)

The Pig – (ig)

The Win – (in)

Sip and Dip – (ip)

The Kit – (it)

My Job – (ob)

Dog Jog – (og)

I Can Hop – (op)

The Cot – (ot)

The Bug – (ug)

The Bun – (un)

The Nut – (ut)

The Tub – (ub)


High-frequency words included are taken from the Dolch Pre-K (Pre-Primer) list, with a handful of exceptions taken from the Dolch Kindergarten List (Primer). These exceptional words are underlined on the pre-reading vocabulary list. All words are decodable with no irregular spelling.


Decodable readers are awesome! Students learn to rely on their phonics skills to decode the text rather than on other clues such as ‘guessing’ and picture clues.


How do i use them in my classroom?

– Guided Reading groups

– EAL/EAS Students

– Home Reading Books – no more worrying about books not returning, or not having enough of a ‘level’ – just print as many as you need!