Sound Wall with Mouth Articulation Photographs | Beach Life THEME

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This gorgeous Sound Wall with Mouth Pictures comes with a range of diverse mouth photographs for articulation, and a comprehensive range of sound wall headings.


It will help you to focus on phonemes, common graphemes, and mouth articulation as you deliver your phonics program.


It is in a beautiful BEACH LIFE theme, with soft beachy shades.


Sound Wall Includes:

✔Mouth articulation cards with photographs using diverse kids.

✔Phoneme picture cards

✔Word cards featuring common graphemes

✔Three ‘Sound Wall’ banners and two posters

✔ Headings and labels for sound wall

✔Simple and simplified phonetic code labels used for phonemes.

✔ Editable options to add your own mouth articulation labels (eg IPA code), add your own images, create your own labels and word cards.


Phonemes Included:

✿Consonants /p/ /t/ /k/ /b/ /d/ /g/ /j/ /f/ /s/ /v/ /z/ /h/ /y/ /w/ /l/ /r/ /m/ /n/

/k//w/ /k//s/

✿Short Vowels

✿Long Vowels

✿ /oo/ /yu/

✿Consonant Digraphs /th/ voiced and unvoiced, /ng/ /sh/ /ch/ /wh/ with breath /zh/


✿Vowel Dipthongs

✿Vowel Sounds Influenced by ‘R’


Please see the preview to see everything that’s included.