Student Writing Goal Punch Cards

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Make student goal setting fun with these engaging, hands-on student goal punch cards!

This set includes 10 ready-to-use student writing goal cards, each with a writing goal and success criteria. You will also get a blank template so students can write their own learning goals.


Give your students clear writing goals, each with five success criteria for them to achieve. Once they achieve/demonstrate each success criteria, students can color the ‘tick’ or use a hole punch to clip a hole in their card. Student goals have never been so simple or fun!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 10 student writing goal punch cards, with writing goals and success criteria/objectives
  • 1 add-your-own goal card
  • Four cards on each page
  • Blackline, ready to print on bright cardstock.


Writing goals included:

  • Add-your-own goal
  • I can edit my writing
  • I can retell a story
  • I can recount an event/I can write a personal narrative
  • I can write a story
  • I can write a narrative
  • I can write an information report
  • I can write a procedure
  • I can write an opinion
  • I can write a letter



Your students will love knowing their learning goal and the exact things that they need to do to achieve it! They’ll be checking off the success criteria, monitoring their own learning and actively working towards their learning goal!


The learning goals include text structure, language features and editing steps. They are written in language suitable for younger learners. Need more specific/personal goals? Use the add-your-own goal card!


Prep is quick and easy… Just print the student goal pages on cardstock (white or bright!), trim and give to your students. You can hole punch in the top corner and add some string if you wish.

Once prepped, students punch off their success criteria as they achieve them.___________________________________

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