Subliminal Meditations for Children

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Sometimes our children need extra help with their day. They may need to have a more positive mindset, feel more self-love, or show more confidence. These mindset subliminals are intended to quietly help them to think more positively and constructively in their day-to-day life. They are non-invasive, and they aim to make our job as parents and educators easier too!

This bundle can help with:

  • Confidence
  • Self-love
  • Independence (separation anxiety)
  • Going to sleep (tricky bedtimes)
  • Going to school (school refusal)
  • Gratitude


How are subliminals made?

Relaxing music is paired with positive spoken affirmations. The spoken affirmations are lowered to a volume below -17 decibels. This is below our conscious hearing level. We share the affirmations for every subliminal produced so that you can read these with your child prior to listening.


What’s included:

⭐ Subliminal Meditations for Children – I am Confident

⭐ Subliminal Meditations for Children – I like going to School

⭐ Subliminal Meditations for Children – I can be Independent

⭐ Subliminal Meditations for Children – I am grateful

⭐ Subliminal Meditations for Children – I am loved

⭐ Subliminal Meditations for Children – I can go to sleep

Each file includes an MP3 track and a poster of all affirmations included.

Please read the affirmations with your child/class prior to listening.