‘Where I Live’ Brochure

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Introducing the “Where I Live” Brochure for Years Prep-3!

Discover the wonders of your neighbourhood or town with this exciting brochure designed especially for students. Packed with fun activities and interactive elements, it’s the perfect tool to help you explore and document all the fascinating aspects of where you live.

What will students do?
In this brochure, students will have the opportunity to collect interesting facts, draw pictures, and create maps or diagrams showcasing your local area. From important buildings and parks to playgrounds, shops, and schools, you’ll have the chance to record all the key features that make your neighbourhood unique.

If you’ve chosen your school’s suburb, you can even use online maps to locate familiar locations and add more details to your brochure. Enhance your information with simple drawings that beautifully complement your findings.

Furthermore, this brochure encourages students to list the activities people enjoy in your neighbourhood. Every community is different, so feel free to share park activities like riding scooters, going to the movies, swimming in the lake, and anything else that brings joy to your area.

This resource brochure is designed to be printed double-sided, allowing you to maximize its content on a single sheet of paper. Simply adjust your printer settings to flip on the long or short side (remember to test print before printing a complete class set!). Alternatively, you can print on two separate pieces of paper and have the students glue them together, creating a thicker brochure that can proudly stand up for a captivating class display.

With the “Where I Live” Brochure, you’ll embark on an exciting journey of exploration and creativity. Start documenting the wonders of your neighbourhood or town today and showcase your findings to fellow classmates, teachers, and visitors. Your brochure will be a testament to the unique and vibrant community you call home!

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