Wombat Stew Procedural Writing Posters + recipe sequencing

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Practise sequencing and procedural writing with these Wombat Stew recipe posters! These posters include each step of ‘How to make Wombat Stew’, including all of the fun and icky ingredients that children love.


Students will be able to follow the procedure step-by-step and the matching character posters will help your students be familiar with the story’s characters.


These procedural writing posters are great as an addition to your learning wall or bump-it-up wall, complementing your unit of work, and help for sequencing and procedure writing.


You will get:

  • Procedural posters for making Wombat Stew (Title, materials, six steps)
  • Character posters (animal name, animal picture, picture of their addition to the stew, and the addition in words eg ‘Mud’.
  • The steps are simple and begin with command verbs (Put, add, etc)


How you can use these in your classroom:


  • Print posters and display them on your learning wall for your unit of work
  • Print in small size and use as a sequencing activity
  • Play ‘what’s missing’ – display posters and cover one up – students guess what ingredient or sequence is missing