Year 1 HASS My Place in The World Bump It Up Wall and Learning Wall Elements

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Help your students to achieve their best with this Year 1 HASS My Place in The World Bump It Up Wall.

This wall is a visual rubric to help students to improve from their level to the next.

In this resource, students identify their special places, including at a local, state, country and world level, and identify a favourite place and why/how we can care for it.

This Year 1 HASS  My Place in the World Bump It Up Wall models three different levels of achievement (Above, At & Below/ Amazing, Great, Good) within this HASS topic.

For EACH LEVEL you will receive:

  • 2 different samples (MyPlace in The World and My Favourite Place)
  • Success criteria for each level
  • Star heading
  • ‘Dot’ system to show levels, rather than grades.

In addition, you will receive elements to create a Learning Wall.

  • Title poster
  • Learning Intention Poster
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Question stems + questions for places

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