Year 2 Daily Maths Practise Slides – Australian Curriculum – 14 Day Freebie

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Learning AreaMathematics
Type of ResourceDaily Maths Slides, PowerPoint
GradeYear 2
Australian Curriculum CodesAC9M2A02, AC9M2A03, AC9M2N01, AC9M2N02, AC9M2N03, AC9M2N04, AC9M2N05, AC9M2N06, AC9M2SP01
NumberAddition, Counting On, Counting Small Collections, Friends of Ten, Friends of Twenty, Name, represent & order numbers, Number Fluency, Partitioning, Patterns, Place Value, Subitising, Subtraction


Practise different areas of maths every day with these Year 2 daily maths slides!

The full set (SET 3- suitable for Term 3)) includes 50 Year 2 daily maths practise slides perfect for reviewing the concepts covered in the Year 2  Australian maths curriculum. You’ll get ten weeks of maths review slides covering Year 2 number, algebra, measurement, space, statistics, and probability. Each day is a mix of Year 2 computation practise and other skills.

Super easy to set up and use, these slides are perfect for daily practise and revision, maths warm-ups, maths groups or substitute days, too!

This set is suitable for Term 3 of the Australian school year (each set gets progressively harder throughout the year).

Here’s what you’ll get:

This freebie includes 14 days of slides.

The full resource (coming soon!) includes:


  • PowerPoint presentation, ready to use.
  • 50 daily maths slides (TEN WEEKS!) – full colour and ready to use – no entering your own numbers, just display and go!
  • Tips on how to implement these in your classroom.

Your students will love the easy format and predictability of your new maths warm-up/ review routine. Each day begins with number and place value, reinforcing the basics and then moving into the application of those concepts and other strands of maths.