Year 4 Spooky Number Talks

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Learning AreaMathematics
GradeYear 4
NumberAddition, Division, Fractions, Multiplication, Subtraction
Type of ResourceLessons, PowerPoint


You will love using these Year 4 Spooky Number Talks with your class as a warm-up before your Maths lessons. Number talks encourage your students to learn different strategies to strengthen their mental math skills. This resource includes 80 number talks across the curriculum, and also two blank slides so that you can create your own.


Your students will be excited to think strategically and share their ideas. You will see an increase in students’ ability to explain their mathematical thinking and talk about the prompts as they progress.


You will get:

  • 80 Number Talks covering across the curriculum including addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, space, measurement, and statistics.
  • Each slide includes a prompt, student instructions, a topic of mathematics, and suggested strategies.
  • Teacher questions to facilitate number talk
  • Student questions to engage in number talk
  • Brief instructions


You will love beginning your Maths lessons with these number talks. Each talk should take about 5-10 minutes and facilitate student conversation and sharing. Every student can share their ideas, fostering community and learning from mistakes.


It’s easy to use these PowerPoint slides; simply display them in front of the class and use dry-erase markers for student sharing. You can also convert them to Google Slides.


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