Letter to Santa Christmas Writing | Friendly letters

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Are you looking for a fun and educational Christmas writing activity? Writing a letter to Santa is a festive season favourite, but it’s also a fantastic way to practise writing friendly letters! In this fun resource, you’ll get teaching and learning slides, fun ‘Letter to Santa’ templates, and Christmas-themed envelope templates so your students can have the complete letter-writing experience!

Your students will love writing a letter to Santa, a family member, relative or a friend.

You will get:

  • PowerPoint slideshow with step-by-step instructions on how to write friendly letters including Date, Greeting, Reason for Writing, Body (Question/Hopes/Wishes), Closing and Signature.
  • Writing templates and papers + printable examples
  • An interactive notebook writing scaffold
  • Seven envelope templates, each with a different Christmas-themed stamp.


In your classroom you could use this as:

  • Your ‘letter to Santa’ Christmas writing activity
  • Friendly letters writing group rotation activity
  • Christmas writing station
  • Part of a dramatic play centre


There are lots of fun way to incorporate friendly letter writing in your classroom!