Secret Picture Puzzle Farm Theme | Consonant Digraphs and Blends

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Australian Curriculum CodesAC93LY11
GradeYear 1, Year 2, Year 3
Learning AreaEnglish
PhonicsBlends, Digraphs


Your students will love these Secret Picture Puzzles! Students will use the Secret Code to decipher emoji words that contain consonant digraphs and blends. Once they have decoded the words, they match the answer tiles to form a fun farm-themed picture!

These fun activities are perfect for revision of consonant digraphs and blends, but they’re so fun that students won’t even realise they’re learning! You could use these as a whole class, small groups, fast finishers and more.

You will get:

  • 10 secret picture puzzles, each with different words – complete one per week!
  • Recording sheet
  • Secret Code decoder (colour and blackline)
  • Secret picture answer keys
  • Teacher guide

Picture 1: stamp, snore, snake, cream, brick, break, stop, star, snow, cry, crown, brown

Picture 2: tree, fly, cube, seal, shield, cone, steak, bike, cake, rain, coat, hay

Picture 3: slide, blue, smoke, broke, snail, plane, scream, clown, frog, shark, bath, swan

Picture 4: prod, scarf, thumb, splat, crab, skin, spoon, wheat, grape, spring, flower, clue

Picture 5: star, dress, string, truck, plant, shed, chest, flag, slow, glass, train, thorn

Picture 6: long, know, wheel, laugh, thank, photo, quick, wash, rich, wrong, shut, itch

Picture 7: thing, chain, fish, white, duck, whale, shape, teach, cheese, match, when, sing

Picture 8: long, knee, teeth, wrist, child, push, check, bath, where, shoes, bridge, lock

Picture 9: them, write, why, cough, phone, ship, wreck, neck, that, much, mouth, when

Picture 10: lunch, shed, tooth, church, wheel, chain, stick, shower, thorn, shell, chick, chew