Spelling Activities for any List – 4 Spelling Knowledges

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Spelling Activities for any List – Four Spelling Knowledges, Sight Words and More

Are you looking to expand your collection of spelling activities?

This collection of spelling activities aims to improve student success in spelling by using several spelling strategies:






Not just rainbow words here!


This slideshow works like an activity menu – each menu is hyperlinked, leading you to an activity.


As well as spelling activities, this resource offers differentiation through alphabet and phonics slides and activities, and 200 sight words + editable slides so you can add your own!


Here’s what is included:

Teachie Tings Spelling and More includes:


  • ✔170 slides of activities covering the four spelling knowledges (visual, phonological, morphemic, etymological)
  • ✔ 5 different ‘word of the day’ spelling activity slides
  • ✔86 Alphabet and phonics slides
  • ✔200 Rainbow sight word slides
  • ✔ 20 pages of printables to complement activities



This resource would work for students of all ages!



Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:


✿ use with your weekly spelling lists, choosing different strategies every day

✿ use in literacy rotations

✿ maintain rigour in your spelling program by differentiating your tasks

✿ extend your high-flyers with word origin study