Year 4 Daily Maths Review Slides – Australian Curriculum 10 Weeks – SET 3

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Learning AreaMathematics
Type of ResourceDaily Maths Slides, PowerPoint
GradeYear 4
Australian Curriculum CodesAC9M4A02, AC9M4M01, AC9M4N03, AC9M4SP01, AC9M4SP02


Make reviewing Australian Curriculum Year 4 Maths fun with these engaging review and warm-up activities! This set (SET 3) includes 50 Year 4 daily maths practise slides perfect for reviewing the concepts covered in Year Four maths. You’ll get ten weeks of maths review slides covering grade 4 number, algebra, measurement, space, statistics, and probability. Each day is a mix of grade 4 computation practise and other skills.


Super easy to set up and use, these slides are perfect for daily practise and revision, maths warm-ups, maths groups or substitute days, too!


This set is suitable for Term 3 of the Australian school year (each set gets progressively harder throughout the year).


Here’s what you’ll get:



  • PowerPoint presentation, ready to use.
  • 50 daily maths slides (TEN WEEKS!) – full colour and ready to use – no entering your own numbers, just display and go!
  • Tips on how to implement these in your classroom.


Your students will love the easy format and predictability of your new maths warm-up/ review routine. Each day begins with number and place value, reinforcing the basics and then moving into the application of those concepts and other strands of maths.


You will cover the concepts covered in the Year Four Australian Maths Curriculum including:

  1. Number and Algebra – odd & even numbers, recognise, represent and order numbers to tens of thousands, apply place value, recall multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 and related division facts, develop efficient written and mental strategies, ordering fractions, identifying equivalent fractions, solve money problems and calculation of change, solve word problems involving multiplication and division, find unknown quantities
  2. Measurement and Space – Use scaled instruments, convert between units of time and length, use am and pm notation and solve simple time problems, create symmetrical pictures and shapes, identify angles
  3. Statistics and Probability – describe everyday events and their likelihood of occurring, interpreting data representations and using data to answer questions