Digital Stickers – the rewards that keep on giving!

digital stickers

Digital stickers are in my Top 5 cool things to come out of distance learning!

Not only are digital stickers a way of staying connected and building relationship with our students, but they are also a huge money saver for teachers! You can use them again, and again, and again.

Another awesome thing about digital stickers is if there is a particular sticker that is a favourite (there is always one!), then you don’t have to skimp on handing it out! Nobody wants disappointed faces! Hooray!

So how do you use DIGITAL STICKERS? Well, they can be added to any piece of digital work that can be edited! So if you use Google Classroom, you simply edit the student’s submitted work and add a sticker!

I use digital stickers in my Seesaw classroom. You can see below some work that a student has completed.

To add a digital sticker to Seesaw:

  1. Click on the three dots at the bottom-right of the student work screen.

adding digital stickers to seesaw

add digital stickers to Seesaw 2. Select EDIT ITEM

3. Select the CAMERA icon

add digital stickers to Seesaw

4. Find your purchased digital stickers in your computer files. Digital stickers come as .PNG files, so they have a transparent background – select the .PNG file/sticker that you want to use and click OPEN. adding digital stickers to student work

5. You digital sticker will then be inserted to the student’s work file. You may need to resize the sticker.

how do you add a digital sticker

6. You can also add a text box so that you can add a comment about the student’s work!

add digital stickers to student work

7. Finally click on the green tick icon at the top right of the screen. Now your student can see your comment and their new digital sticker! Some students like to ‘collect’ stickers and put them in a digital ‘sticker book’. 

So that’s how you add DIGITAL stickers to student work. It’s as easy as inserting an image into a PowerPoint, but goes a long way towards student engagement and excitement when learning online.

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